28 enero, 2023

Los Cabos offshore marlin tournament a sucess among the COVID19 crisis with 1 million dollars in prizes


In the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic, that has shocked people and countries worldwide, the Los Cabos Offshore marlin tournament broke attendance and payout amount records.  It was a two-day event with the participation of 127 teams and where eight teams were awarded with its 769 anglers from around the world 1 million 457 thousand dollars which broke  breaking the MILLION-DOLLAR mark for the second consecutive year.

It is story that goes back as far as 20 years, and it precedes the most important Baja Sur fishing tournament (the Los Cabos Bisbee Black & Blue) which takes place these days even when the current COVID19 Pandemic is attacking all activities, here and elsewhere including some of the tournament aspects, such as registration and weigh station which were relocated in the API Cruise Ship Pier.Los Cabos

Protocol required that facemasks be worn and social distancing of six feet of spacing between every person was to be in place throughout the tournament. Only the angler and their catches could come to the scale, eliminating team photos. Award checks and trophies were passed out to the eight-winning teams at the Baja Cantina one of Los Cabos hot spots.

Winning Teams included:

Sporty Game– Team members Steve Kaiser, George Landrum, Captain Dan Lewis, Filipe Robles, Carlos Rodriguez, mate, and Jacob Rodriguez, received 837 thousand 816 dollars for the Largest Billfish, a black marlin weighing 514-pounds.

Pocket Aces– Julio Fiol Galindo, Steve Hayashi, Mark Hinkle, Epigmenio Fiol Ortiz, mate, Captain Angel Salvatierra, and Jan Salvatierra Zamora, for Second Place received 293 thousand 544 dollars for their 424-pound black marlin.

True Grit– owned by Jim Putman, along with Captain Tommy Neikirk and team members, Rey Aguirre, Boyd Decoito, and Kai Hoover, received 138 thousand 760 dollars, for the Largest Yellowfin Tuna weighing 228-pounds.

NsatiaBill- teammates Diego Apu, mate, John Chandler, Nick Chandler, Captain Ian MacAllister, Carlos Murillo, mate, and Bill Nesbitt took 59 thousand 670 dollars for First Place Marlin Release.

Knot Workin!– Capt. Tito, Chad Carter; Brandon Hilley, Javier Marban, Ron Martinessi, Roberto Moran, Mike Timon, Second Largest Yellowfin Tuna 85 thousand dollars.

Sea Angel- Gregory Angel, Austin Angel, Captain Billy Angel, Carter Angel Jason Berk, Joshua Louis Morales, mate, Johan Van Collar were the members of the Second Release Team and took 20 thousand 655 dollars.

Protocol- Captain Alex Rogers, Rob Boyatt, Jay Cheromcha, mate, Mike Damelio, Adam Edgington, Rick Wursterr took Third Place Release for 11 thousand 475 dollars.

Will 2 Win– Fernando, mate, Captain Nicolas Moreno, Elder Rosales, Jason Scheer, Lori Scheer, Jeremy Willer, and Kimberly Willer Owners for Third Largest Black Marlin, 320-pounds 10 thousand 080 dollars.




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