8 diciembre, 2023

COVID19 pandemics is peaking again, Baja California government works to stabilize the curve


The COVID19 curve of contagions is peaking again, and it reflects on the increase of hospital bed occupancy, patients connected to artificial breathing medical equipment and people attending Fever Clinics and Family Medicine Med Units, there are more than 40 areas all over the State which are considered VULNERABLE so the Heath Secretary of Baja California is focusing its major efforts to stabilize the situation because the contagion curve has triggered again.COVID19

“We will remain in “ORANGE LIGHT (in the sanitary ‘traffic light’) and an eventual change of color, if we all keep our healthy distance, wear our mouth protectors and start to get less patients. We can achieve this if we take good care even more now, that the flu season starts with the upcoming Winter”, said Oscar Perez Rico, the State´s secretary of Health

As he does every Tuesday, during Gov. Jaime Bonilla Valdez daily video conference, Dr. Perez showed the geolocation map of active cases, in order to alert the state residents about the areas of the cities where there have been more contagions so authorities attention has been drawn to them, and he said that San Felipe has seen this numbers growing and that in Mexicali Valley “things are being done well”.

According to the SISVER national COVID19 observation and surveillance platform, as of October 26th there have been 38 thousand 781 COVID9 cases studied by medical staff, of which 21 thousand 737 were positive; there are 118 people hospitalized and 156 in the Social Security Institute units.

There are 86 patients connected to mechanic respiration equipment, said Doctor Perez Rico, last month there were 63, which represents an increase but he said that there has been stabilization observed, he said that the weekly test that Governor Bonilla takes, resulted negative again.

The areas of different cities that are considered HIGH RISK are:

TIJUANA: Camino Verde / Grupo México, Zona Río, Paseos del Vergel, Las Delicias and Villas del Prado 2da. Sección.

TECATE: Lomas de Santa Anita, Morelos, Luis Donaldo Colosio, Alberto Aldrete, San Fernando, Maclovio Herrera, La Bondad, Benito Juárez, Romero, El Refugio, Colinas del Cuchumá and Ampliación Colinas del Cuchumá.

PLAYAS DE ROSARITO: Constitución (Ampliación Constitución), Centro Carretera, Eduardo Crosthwhite (segunda sección), Anexa Obrera, Rancho Chula Vista, Independencia, Santa Lucía and Plan Libertador.

MEXICALI: Esperanza, Independencia, Villas del Rey Quinta Etapa, Vistahermosa, Pro- Hogar and Jardines del Lago.

SAN FELIPE: Verdugo, Los Arcos, Nuevo San Felipe, Segunda Sección, Ampliación Segunda Sección, Tercera Sección (Los Gavilanes) y Plan Nacional Agrario.

MEXICALI VALLEY: Guadalupe Victoria, Delta-Oaxaca, Saltillo y Jiquilpan;

ENSENADA: Punta Banda 1, Valle Dorado (Sección Ríos), Cuauhtémoc, Granjas El Gallo, Lomitas Indeco 3, Los Encinos 2.

SAN QUINTÍN: Nuevo Baja California, Lázaro Cárdenas, San Quintín, 13 de Mayo and Reforma.




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