29 enero, 2023

Runaway minor dies of an overdose, she had escaped from the Youth Temporary Shelter of the state government´s DIF


Problems continue in the Youth Temporary Shelter of Baja California, which depends on the Integral System for Families (DIF-BC), which protects and helps children and teens that can´t be taken care of by their parents, in the last few months there have been several “breakouts” from the shelter, located in Mexicali´s Guajardo section, some of them have been found and taken back to the facilities and others are still at large.

Blanca Estela Fabela, president and general director of DIF Baja California, said that it was a very sad matter, that a minor identified only as Ana Laura “X”, had entered the shelter last March, and since her parents were unqualified to take care of her, because they are substance abusers (medical tests proved that) so they were not able to take care of her, and she had also started to use drugs so she was sent to a Rehab Center in Mexicali Valley about a year and a half ago.

Ana Laura was barely 17 years old and she had gotten out of the shelter as of June 22, and a search was started by the Under Attorney for Attention to Minors and Family who reported the case to the Missing and Disappeared Persons State Investigation Unit, it had been almost two months of fruitless search, when she was found dead, and everything pointed to an O.D.

These escapes, breakouts or “unauthorized exits” of DIF-BC shelter have been very frequent the last few months, authorities look for the “runaways” who sometimes are found and taken back to the shelter and others are never to be found or have a tragic end, as Ana Laura´s demise, it is a real pity that such a young life had to be shortened because of drug abuse.

Ms. Fabela said that each minor sent to the shelters, the one in Mexicali and another one in Tijuana, is protected and receives attention from a specialized team of social workers, psychologists, medics, teachers and administrative staff who take care of them and give the attention and care that they deserve while their family situation is settled, regretfully this time the story had a very sad ending.

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