11 diciembre, 2023

Baja California Field and Food Security secretary warns Mexicali Valley wheat growers not to burn their crop residues


Baja California Field and Food Security secretary advised the Mexicali Valley wheat producers not to burn leftover their waste remaining on their parcels, when they do it, they harm air quality and the productive soil get damaged.

Hector Haros encinas, invited producers to make use of wheat straw through reincorporation into their agricultural land, to improve its conditions, also to use it as livestock feed or to carry out ecotourism infrastructures such as cabins or country houses.

He said agricultural fires are actions by the producers to reduce operating time and cost, without measuring ranges of emission of pollutants to the environment and causes deterioration in the quality of the air in the valley. Economic sanctions will be applied by the SCSA to anyone who is responsible for such practices.

For the evaluation of these sanctions, their severity would be reviewed in accordance with Article 188 of the Environmental Protection Law for the State of Baja California, where it indicates that the sanction will take into account the impact on public health, the generation of ecological imbalances, impact on the environment and the levels in which the limits established in the official Mexican and state regulations have been exceeded.

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